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I keep getting disconnected from my mapped drives


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Hey all,

About once ever 20 minutes or so I get a bubble popping up in my system tray telling me I've lost connection to my shared drives and that I can reconnect blah blah blah. The server itself is online, I can ping it and I can connect to other shares on it and I can connect to the internet. So I know its not a network issue. I Googled the error message, the best results I can find are here.

Domain DFS network path goes offline after you open Windows Explorer or My Computer in Windows XP

It says this problem was fixed in SP2. I have SP3 on this machine. Any other ideas of why my connection keeps dropping?


Wow, all I did was put in the URL and it added the title, that's neat! Now that I see the title, I feel I should point out that this happens randomly. Not just went opening up Explorer or My Computer.
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