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I have a Silicon Graphics Impact 10,000 what should i do with it?


Blame me for the RAZR's
Any particular version of BSD? Like i said i want to hold my own in the next year in conversation of unix so i want something that lends to learning with work.


would i need the sparc95 version (noobness showing) i know is not 1386 or 1a64.
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Hey you got me, that was just a stab in the dark. I wouldn't even guess as to what that sucker could actually do, But I sure as hell would get that sucker to fold for me. :)



Blame me for the RAZR's
hehe i have a unix for dummys book.. somehow the title fits especially well lol.

Where is X when you need him. I bet he will have a answer.


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so its a fast computer? I read it, but i dont get it, do you run windows? Can you play doom? Im sure i sound dumb, but i dont get it!


Carbon based lifeform
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Actually...I dual booted my inspiron w/ Suse and I am liking it. The Suse is awesome right off the distro or out of the box. The Suse watcher lets me know when there are new security updates and I am getting more and more comfortable with YAST. As far as Gentoo and the others I don't know. But Suse rocks.

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