I Guess there is no Vista for me - 3d mark results


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Oh well today I installed vista and just about got everthing working, not too bad considering my aging hardware. My experiance index is 3.7 (lowest by far is the athlon 3200+ cpu, next the ram aat 4.5 then everything is over 5) it did not seem too bad ...... Until I benchmarked it.

Win XP Pro - 2655 3d mark
Win Vista Ultimate - 1434 with the beta drivers from the front page, only 1354 with the windows update ones

I guess then Vista with my current hardware is a no-go as the games would just fall over :(

Is there anything that will help or is my hardware simply not up to it?




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U really need to change ur cpu if u want to play games in vista. however, I would personally suggest to stick to XP for that. I've tried playing counter strike: source on vista and it seemed quite sluggish even with my graphics card and Athlon64 3700+ processor.


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VISTA has been showing a 25% drop in FPS with equivalent hardware. Gaming it is a bad idea. Then the video drivers have issues on top of the basic performance hit.

Try again in 6 months. VISTA just isn't there yet. Check out some of the "I'm made as hell and I'm uninstalling VISTA" threads on the forums.

Most people are running VISTA dual boot with XP. A few have had good results with gaming recently but they have uber systems.


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I'm sorry you won't be able to play 3dmark all day long indy :smoker:

Gaming experience isn't that bad with it. I highly recommend dumping 3dmark as a gauge for how things will perform if possible, unless using it as a personal reference point for functioning equipment.


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hmmm something to think about, Sazar how do you recommend me testing Vista by simply playing games rather than relying on syntetic benchmarks? I did expect a performance hit but not 50% and my hardware cant really take a hit :)


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A 50% hit sounds way high. It might be worth digging through what is loaded and running in background. My first WAG would be you have too much of your RAM tied up with background tasks.

Also just load fraps (if there is a vista version yet) and play a game you like. See how it feels and what the FSP does.

On the other hand your system IS marginal for running VISTA in the comfort zone, especially with Aero. The 6800 GS's 12 pipelines is goning to be a choke point.

PS I've been bitching about 3d Mark accuarcy since it's scores misled me a couple years ago.


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Thanks for the feed back LeeJend, will try some games and see how it feels... as for my gfx card its no longer a GS is is running as a full ultra. My card was an factory overclocked GS and i was lucky enough to be able to open the piplines then once i slapped on a new artic cooler I dropped a new bios on it and this t full 6800 ultra speeds :)


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had it last night , so I have gone back to XP. I will give Vista another go later as it had lots of nice features but I think I will wait until I build my new core 2 system. Currently that system is on hold as I could not make my mind up on what core 2 duo motherboard chipset to go for :)

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