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i do not know what is wrong

I just bought a new case and stuck in my motherboard along with all my addons and HDDs and CD-ROMs on. When i power the system on i get a POST beep so that everything is ok, and i can acess my BIOS. But when i go into the boot section of my BIOS, it FREESES. and when i just try to boot normally, nothing happens. What is going on, damned it i know.
How strange...maybe something is connected very wrong, or you hurt your motherboard while moving it...ESD perhaps?

I really have no idea what might be causing this. Try to disconnect one component at a time and try it like that, maybe something died. I would check all PCI + HDD + CDROM connections. Check that you didn't flick something " ON " on your mobo while moving it.


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is your harddrive brand new or is it used. it is possible that something that is connected to one or all of the ide interfaces is either bad or mispluged. Turn power off, open the case and unplug everything form the ide ports, turn on computer and go into bios to see if freezes if it doesn't turn off the comp again and install ide devices one at a time each time going into bios and checking to see if the problem comes back.


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remove all pci cards and ide cables... don't have anything but the video card in and try to boot then. if you get somewhere, then put in a card and try again... and repeat until you find out what could be causing it.
i got the thing to work. i took out my AverMedia PCI card, and the system booted. shut down, put the card back in and no problems. I have no idea why it did that.
DIEOT - the HDDS are used, so i knew it was not them. the entirly same system was setup in my old case, just a new case.

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