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i cant black slash on msn


My Yngy is My HoneY!
hi there, well i cant backslash on msn. it gives me like a W with a line tru it. any one know why it does this. also i cant copy paste or use any of the short cuts in photoshop. like ctrl+d to deselect. well i mean its not like it doesnt detect it, if i press ctrl it shows up as selecting, just cant copy paste to it. HELP? emm btw im using the microsoft multimedia keyboard. just inistalled it see if it makes a difference. well i can do it now \\\\\\\\\\\\ emm dunno..will update soon.


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did you install the software for the keyboard?

Maybe its set to a different layout?
i have the natural multimedia keyboard, i think i remember the setup having a range of microsoft keyboards...

sorry to patronize.



My Yngy is My HoneY!
yea i did install the microsoft keyboard thingie 5.2. will look for for a new one and test it, well ihave unistalled it and it still comes out funny...

paul2002, well i like to do the emoticon :\ but emm yea turns out like :W emm yea...

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