human for auction on ebay

NetRyder said:
Gives a whole new meaning to the term "selling oneself" :D

(Fishboy, you seem to be very bored these last few days)
lol no im not i've just been sitting in my room for the past few days, i've also started to forget things... oh well


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saddly he is bidding on himself

User ID Bid Amount Date of bid

randslovell600z ( 98) US $101.50 Mar-13-05 22:42:20 PST

robertp6606 ( 13) US $100.00 Mar-13-05 16:52:51 PST

randslovell600z ( 98) US $95.50 Mar-13-05 22:41:58 PST

randslovell600z ( 98) US $55.50 Mar-13-05 22:41:42 PST


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If he had a suit on, and maybe didnt show those teeth... LOL.. man he needs to save some $$ for dental work


hahaha poor guy i bet ppl all over the world are making fun of him just like that gelly man who sang that aicha song on ebaum's world, he committed suicide , or at least that's what i heard


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I have seen girls sell themselves on ebay for a date that ends in certainty......its very messed up, I still don't see how it is possible, or legal.


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LOL.... No self respect... No WAY I would EVER pay for PLAY... That would mean, I got sloppy... So, so, so ,SOOOO SAD....

Poor schlep... Unless you got $$ to burn like Mr Gates... then who cares

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