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huge spybot, pest patrol updates

Perris Calderon

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well, the new spybot has some great new features

I haven't looked at everything carefully, but it looks like they put highjack this into the program

the person that wrote the program highjack this works closely with the spybot people, so this doesn't surprise me.

spybot...they seem to know when something good comes along, and they try their best to get it involved with their program

for instance, the imunization

this started out as a standalone...(blaster), and then spybot got that going...what a great group of kids down there...and what a great great service,...anyone that can afford to should send them a nickle or two

great people, great service, and they should be rewarded

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
oh...be patient with the download, it takes longer then it should when you're updating

I tried an uninstall and redownload, but the download does not have the program update in it, so this does no good as of yet

for now you ahve to use the program to update
the webupdate hung for me so i tried downloading the linked download .exe for the updates but once ive installed it.. it still doesnt look like its been updated :confused:


I went to the update last night - downloaded some succesfully and still had the Application Updater and Intergrated Tools left as available updates. Attempted to download them and got checksum errors. Went to the "updater includes package" download and installed it & it said completed. Went back to check for updates and had same two updates listed as available - attempted to download them and got hours glass and Task Manager says Spybot not responding.

Uninstalled Spybot, reinstalled Spybot - did update search and got a list of about 6 updates - did the install updates and got the SPybot not responding again in Task Manager - did the "updater includes pacakage" again and it showed completed. Wewtn back to updates in Spybot and the same two are showing as before and still gives a Spybot not responding on the update attempt!

I did do a "check problems" and it appears to be working okay!

I couldn't find anything on their forum - other than if getting checksums errors - the servers are busy??

I guess wait and see if anyone else comes up with an idea!
I uninstalled it too, it used to run fine, but the last several times I tried to run a check for problems it would hang before it got even half way through, and I had to kill it with task manager.


Here ya go - for those having problems - open SpyBot - click on updates - let them list and them select the Aussie download site (third dropdown from left at top of the page) and then download!

See if that works - don't ask me why - but it cleared up my problems! Got the info from another forum - but thought it might help someone else here!

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