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Hub instead of router? (changing my network setup)



Okay, right now I have cable internet and a 2 computer home network to share files, but mainly to share internet.

I have the standard setup with two network cards in my main comp, one goes to the cable modem, the other goes to the hub. Then other computer has one network card that goes to the hub.

Now I'm headed off to university, and I don't want to have to swap out a network card to my other computer and move the cable modem over and stuff (would create problems). I was told I could simply plug my cable modem into my hub, and then plug both computers into it, and do it that way? Then my computer could come and go freely, and wouldn't affect the other computers' connection?

If I did this, I would be leaving the settings the same in my internet connection settings for my main computer (ie. exactly what my ISP says to do?) and chaning my other computer's settings to match (instead of the local network settings such as IP and stuff).

I tried that, and my main computer wouldn't connect to the net. Do I have to do something to get it to "see" the modem? Or should it just think a modem is directly connected to it?

Now a few other things:
- I do get two IPs from my ISP, and I've only been using the one up until now, so that's not a problem.
- My hub has little lights that light up when something is connected (like when my other computer is off, the light is off because there is no connection, but when something makes a connection, the light goes on). The light does not go on when I plug the modem directly into the hub. I know the port works because I tested it, so it's not that. I'm thinking it might be just because the modem isn't a computer, and only a computer will make the light go on?

I hope I explained that clearly enough. Thanks for any help you can offer.

[edit] Forgot one thing. I say "hub instead of router" in the thread title because ever other guide seems to say a router is needed for this job. I'm just hoping a hub will work too (although I know it won't give me the same speed).
If you have 2 IP addresses assigned then you don't need a router (you lucky sob I live in router hell).

The light being out indicates a conenction problem. You may have had a cross over cable in your original setup and now need a straight through, or vice versa. Check the hub. Usually one of the inputs is inverted to allow stringing hubs together.

Make sure all cables are the required type. Don't use the hub connection with the cross over. To check for a cross over switch the cable around between the hub/modem and PC NICs. See if the dead connection light follows one cable or hub socket. Or your cable modem may require a cross over cable to connect to the hub.

You should get the general idea now. If that doesn't clear up the problem check back.


Originally posted by LeeJend
You may have had a cross over cable in your original setup and now need a straight through, or vice versa.
Or your cable modem may require a cross over cable to connect to the hub.
Gah. I was just coming on here to say I read up some help on my ISP's site, and it ACTUALLY HELPED me (I suppose there's a first for everything). I do need a crossover cable since there's no input port on my ancient, ancient hub. Thanks. Time for a trip to the computer shop tomorrow to end my headache. :)


Hmm...I just found some ancient information on my ancient hub (it's an Artisoft T-runner Hub-16 if you wanted to know) and it says that it can be "daisey-chained" to other hubs using either the BNC port or the 16th 10baseT port. I tried plugging the modem into there, but that didn't work either. Assuming the information I read was correct, shouldn't that have worked?

$10 dollar cables, damn crooks. They cost about a buck to make. I roll my own.

The $2 cheap plastic crimping tool costs about $25 so I just use a flat blade screw driver to seat the metal prongs. A pack of 10 connectors is $1.49 at radio shack.

The cat 5 cable comes from the scrap bin at work.

If I'm being lazy there is a place in my area that sells the cables for 3 bucks but it's along drive.


Hub vs Router

I think your going to have to use a Router. I have a small network of 3 computers, one being a lap top. + a network printer and all have to plug into a Router, including the ADSL Modem. With a Router you can plug and unplug an item at will. Every computer uses the same IP Address at the same time.:) Works great!!!!!


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