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http hosting.........



Ok, first my set-up:
XPee Pro no SP
ZA Pro
LinkSys router
Xatami web server

Ok, my problem, I started a BBS, I am using Dynamic DNS to rout slagathor.bbs.us to my IP for the BBS, I am routing port 23 to my Win2k machine, where the BBS is installed.

I decided to start a web site for my BBS, for L.O.R.D. news and what not, so I forwarded port 75-85 to the XPee machine, running Xatami web server, which is set to port 80 for http connections, now, I would think, this would work just fine, my ISP is Charter and as far as I can tell they are not blocking port 80, or any ports that I can tell.
I used Super Scan and did a port scan of the wifes uncle's PC and show'd him a whole new world.....:p

My question is, this should work right????????
all I need is a yes or no, so I can figure it out from there.......

And Should I let SVCHost, Generic Host Process for Win32 Services act as a server in Zone Alarm????????
You get a YES on the first question. However you only need to forward port 80. Not 75-85.

ZA I don't know about. You may have to open port 80 for incoming TCP traffic.

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