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HTPC Motherboard w/Onboard USB 3.0


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I'm going to be building a HTPC soon. I need a motherboard that has onboard USB 3.0 so that I can connect the front USB ports of my case (I want USB 3.0 in the front, not 2.0). All the motherboards I find have USB 3.0 for the back ports, but the onboard is 2.0. Does anyone know of any models?
ASUS has had one since last summer and possibly ASROCK (announced in October so it should be available by now).

If the case doesn't support front USB 3 then look for a floppy or HDD bay add on that supports USB 3 connections.

Plan B would be to get a USB port extender that sits on the desk and connect it to the USB 3 in the back. That is what I do since most of my cases don't have USB up front. It's cleaner than cables hanging out the front of the PC and if you trash a connector just replace the extender.


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Well that's a first for me but I also haven't been shopping for a case recently.

Also, in just looking at a few examples, many of them use pass through cables for the front 3.0 port.


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I'm going with the Silverstone case:

The front USB ports are connected by a 9-pin assembly right? Is there such thing as a cable to connect that to a normal USB (run it outside the case and plug it into the back USB port)?

LOL if not I'll just skip 3.0 :dead:


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Yeah, a pass through is usually how they do it. Just make sure the cable is long enough, there are numerous cases where it is not.

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