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HTML text and stuff

Normally when I make a page and have a line and then another right below it there is a large space between the two lines of text, how can I remove this. I want it to be more like what is below

this line
then this line

with no large space of nothing between the lines
I tried removing the <p> from the text example




And that just made it all on one line, what should I be using instead of the <p>?

also just tried without <p> </p> at all and I also get one line of text
K now which HTML tag should I redefine with CSS to get the formatting I want

this text is in a table

ah the <td> tag got it

Thanks to everyone sboulema and SPeedY_B

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I know you use DW , so instead of pressin Enter to go to the next line press Right Shift + Enter , that way youl get a <br> instaed of a <p> </p>

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