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HTML links in apps not working

I used the topic title to search but did not see a thread so...

No HTML links in any app incl. email apps are working to open any browser - I have set IE to default as well - any solutions out there? Thanks


I'm sorry Hal...
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go to folder options then file types tab, go down to (NONE) URL:HyperText Transer Protocol. click advanced (make sure it says open in the actions window) click edit, put in the browser you want in the second box, tick use DDE


Do you have SP2 installed? I noticed recently that an update in SP2 prevents certain applications from launching hyperlinks. I am not sure about which applications are affected, but I noticed that a lot of my ebooks that I created with e-book creator (not Adobe) no longer launch hyperlinks after the update was installed. I reverted back and they all suddenly worked.
perhaps one of you can tell me how to fix windows update link (from start menu) to work. It won't open browser unless I first open IE from quicklaunch



I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
lynchknot said:
Thanks that worked. I changed to firefox. Why does it say "nohome" in the first place?

"nohome" is a startup command you can add to IE to make it start without loading a home page (not even blank page), makes it load slightly quicker

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