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I have a full screen flash presentation that i want to be accessed by clicking on an image in a web browser that will trigger the full screen flash that i have already made. When ever I link it normally it opens the flash up in the browser and not the self contained flash file. Anyone know the code to do this in HTML? Iv used fscommand in flash for the fullscreen.

Also its for an interactive CDrom that im having to make, any tips on Autoplays of the web browser portal (basic html page) that i have made to access either the flash content or the HTML if thay aint got the flash player. It would need to work on both PC and Mac environments.

All help will be appricated. Thanks
For information on AutoPlay, read this . It's for Macromedia Director, but the information works just the same for what you are doing, too.

The launcher for your html page, however, will be a little trickier. From what I can tell by your post, you have the html file, the .swf file (that you want to open in a different html file inside of a browser), and two Flash projector files (one for Mac, one for Windows). Linking to the html page with the .swf in it is easy enough, sounds like you've already done that. To link to the .exe and .hqx (pretty sure that is the mac binhex extension) files, there really isn't any easy way to do that. You'd have to use ASP to call a local windows host file, or something like that. The best you can do is link to the directory that the projector files are in, and tell them (your audience) to run them manually.

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