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HTML Link problem



This is a weird one. When I tried to leave feedback on ebay (I use Netscape 6.2), the links won't work. The same thing happens when I try to use a link in MS Outlook Express. It never takes me to the link. The browser launches, but it just stops. I've tried IE and Netscape, and have the same results. Anyone have any ideas on the cause of this? Thanks!


Thanks for the link! What had happened, at least for the Netscape problem, was due to the proxy setting. When I removed the proxy, the problem went away. My last problem is in Outlook Express 6. When I try to click on the link(s) that someone had sent, it launches I.E. 6, but doesn't display the page. It's just blank. Any suggestions? Thanks!



Thanks a lot! That link provided the help that I needed. It turned out that I had to physically associate some files. Thanks again!!!!



I did some further research & found this solution in the Microscrap support website. My Outlook Express now opens email links in the Opera browser.


My issue started when I changed email programs from Netscape to Outlook Express. Outlook didn't re-associate the url files when this change was made. This is apparently by design (MS's constant efforts to get/keep you using Internet Explorer). When these files were opened, Netscape was still my default email linker.

The above procedure easily re-associates the url files to open in the browser that the user chooses. Tip: (read & follow MS directions) once you're in the right place to change the default browser; click on the browse button>find your browser.exe file>click on it & the file will be entered on the destination line. As directed, this has to be done for three different files.

Best regards, Dick


its only fun
Hi Dick,

Glad your problem is now resolved :)

and thanks for the link..........another one added to my O.E./I.E. fixes folder, in favourites......... Jeez its getting big :D


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