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Hey after looking in to the Thermaltake VOLCANO 7+ and Thermaltake VOLCANO 9. I dont know which is better.. 7+ has a nice full copper HS with a fan that is 6000rpm with an air flow of 49CFM, or valcano 9 with a copper base HS with 4800rpm ram with and air flow of 74CFM.. help me out guys.. i was thinking maybe i'll get a 7+ and put a smarfan II on it.. but 7+ fan is 70mm fan.. will an 80 still fit ? (for those who have a 7+) thnx. i was also looking into cooler master HHC-001 but that sucka is tooo loud


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I can't remember who but, someone said they put a smart fan on a Volcano 7 and made it work. You can try that. However, either of those HSF's are very good on their own.


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Found the answer from the guy who did it.

The Volcano 7 is 80mm......the Volcano 7+ is 70mm ...

The heatsinks on the Volcano 7 and Volcano 9 are identical, the only thing different is the bracket


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get the 9... it cools much better than the others... if only by a little bit :)

also the smartfan2 is a very nice feature...

oh.. and it matches the color of your pcb... lol red-ish radeon 9700pro pcb... redish heat sink.. what could be more perfect :)


HHC-001 IS very loud but all you need to do is buy a fandaptor and put a nice little 80mm fan on it and replace the 60mm that it comes with.

thats what i did with my HHC =)

43 degrees celcius at Full Load


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reason I like the volcano series is the amount of cooling at reasonably low rpm's

thereby dropping the overall noise level... also the volcano 9 has a very good cfm compared to many other fans..

I use a 7 which is almost the same and my temps are very low inside my rig... on load I rarely go over 40 even when playing high end games :)


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i got the hhc-001 and it's frickin' great. i've built 4 comps with it and swear by it. it's 100% copper and those heat pipes have been proven to work.

for the noise solution, either have the fan run off of 5 volts (2800rpm) or 7 volts (4000rpm) from the power supply or get a cheap, quiet fan from radio shack or wherever you want.

i'd rather have a normal quiet fan on the best heatsink, than an expensive 8000rpm fan on a lousy heatsink. meaning, invest in the best heatsink.. then decide what fan you want to put on it.

and as far as i know, thermaltake's 70mm size is on;y used by them... pretty hard to get normal size fans on it.


Canibus...I put the Volcano 7+ on mine, it kicks butt! I run it on the low speed(just over 3000 rpm). My idle temp is 30* full load around 40* and that's at the low setting(very quiet).

I'm sure I could keep it even cooler with the 6000rpm setting but I think i'm good.

I've put it on High but man is it loud...This thing rips!!!
I like my Volcano 7+ too, but as Zodiaq said, it is loud on high!! Its not too bad on medium but still quite audible. On low its almost not noticeable if you have case fans running.

Mine runs at about 45 degrees full load with the fan on medium, unless I open the window (its about 40 degrees F outside), then the CPU is about 27 degrees C full load. :)


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yep I got a Volcano 7+ as well, lovely, it is nice and quiet, it is in the same room I sleep in, most of the time I can barely hear it.

I have actually noticed that if you crank it to High and then back to low it is noisier than if you start it on low, weird, but just something that I have noticed.

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