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8 Apr 2005
HP has established a service called Upline, which is unlimited online storage for various cost points per month. Not for business by any means IMO due to the apparent slow upload (1GB per 4/5 hours), but for personal use it seems pretty good if you have a decent amount that you want offsite.

I plan on reading more about it and maybe signing up, anyone else?



Post at Cybernet with more info:

Mozy is actually my lead candidate atm - just need to read about it a little more. They seem to offer the best features and storage for the value of your dollar.

Have you had any negative experiences with it?
i just ftp in to my house computer... 10/5 mb line... verizon fios...
i just ftp in to my house computer... 10/5 mb line... verizon fios...
For what though? I'm asking about online backup services? I'm assuming you are talking about backing up your business files from work to home?
WOW - MozyPro is amazing. I'm a reseller now, use it for myself and a bunch of other people with more to come. Loving the functionality, the online control panel and their support ROCKS!!!

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