News HP TouchPad update on the way

Even though the product is abandoned and has been sold for a price so low that it has gone out of stock everywhere (or indeed perhaps because of it), HP have announced that they will be releasing an update for the HP Touchpad. A HP spokesperson confirmed the following to CNET:

HP TouchPad owners can look forward to an over-the-air update that will enhance the platform and add functionality and a growing applications catalog.

There are so many rumours floating around at the moment, that HP are going to do a one-eighty and keep on going with their WebOS tablet, can you imagine the pressure that would put on Apple if they didn't put the price back up? It is amazing that HP are continuing to manufacture these just to fufil the backorders. I am also curious to see how far along Android development goes on this thing, with builds of Cyanogenmod already working.

:source: HP: TouchPad will receive OTA update for added 'functionality' -- Engadget
I've heard from some people who bought them when they hit wholesale and they are not really happy with them. Hope this update helps some!
I still haven't received mine (BS cuz I ordered mine really early when HP had them on their site). I think it would be awesome if HP brought back the touchpad at that same price. Both as an investor (which I am) and as a consumer. They could pull a best buy and cause the other tablets to go out of business then raise their future prices. One thing I don't understand is why HP sold the accessories at steep discounts as well. Things that are pure profit (like a case for 50 bucks) were selling fine at that price, but HP got more in stock just to sell them for 20 bucks (i'm mad cuz I paid 35 for it on amazon) like the touchstone charging base that I bought for 60 they sold 40 after previously selling out at the full price.... Doesn't make sense to me. I hope this whole thing weeds out some of the other tablets on the market. So many of them are total crap...
When HP decided to cancel the TouchPad no-one was aware of that to begin with. The only reason they are continuing to manufacturer the devices is because they most likely have warehouses full of all the various parts and or orders in with suppliers that if they cut would cause them to lose more than they would selling the devices at a loss.

The WebOS division at HP was supposed to stick around, the whole idea is to start licensing out WebOS to other manufacturers that would produce the devices much like Google and Android.

The reason they the sell the accessories at a steep discount is because they need to get rid of them. They have absolutely no intention of making more devices after this last run to clear out the last of the stock they have. If you look at most HP TouchPad owners, most of them don't care about getting a TouchStone or a Bluetooth keyboard or getting cases for them, so the only way to get rid of them is to lower the prices to incentivize the customers into buying them anyway.

Only reason I picked up a TouchStone? Because it was cheap.

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