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HP Photosmart C5200, anyone have this? Your thoughts?


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Hey guys,

I'm posting here because while we were out shopping the other day, I pointed out that the printer was a good deal. My girlfriend had bought me the printer for Christmas (needed a printer desperately since my Lexmark took a dump real fast).

I was trying to review the dimensions of the printer, however I came upon the reviews on HP's website. 4 people reviewed the printer basically giving it 1 star out of 5... and per their reviews, they all feel that 1 is too much. They state that the printer is difficult to use, the software is horrible, it doesn't do what they want it to do. In the back of my mind, I'm hoping that this is because these users are not PC-Friendly people... I'm hoping that since I am a professional, it would work out better.

Is there anyone that can report they have this printer and like it? I haven't set the printer up yet, but I'm afraid at how this will go. I'm afraid to open the box and return it if it's horrible, if I even can.


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Hp has got their act together with printer,. if you are looking for a good everyday photo printer, that has dccent quality look at the HP Photosmart D5460, and the price is right :)

shop and investigate all reviews for HP printers, I am happy with mine

i also forgot to mention that if you looking for a everything printer, I have this HP

it is also priced right and i have been happy with it for everyday use :)


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Thanks tdinc,

The reason I liked this printer is because I definitely was looking for an all in one. Furthermore, it's sort of a tight fit on my desk where the printer goes. While the second one you mentioned was nice, the one that the girlfriend picked up (the 5200) has the flip-forward screen. HP says that printer retails for $130, we picked it up for $80 or so.

I'm sure their software doesn't differ between all of the Photosmart printers... so I'm hoping that since you've had good luck with yours, I'll have good luck with mine. I know we had one of them at work and it was weird how it worked... but it still functioned. I think it didn't even have a color screen.

I think another concern that I have is I really didn't want the printer for it's photo printing capabilities. I don't see myself (yet) printing many / any out for awhile. I like it because it has the pict bridge, it is a scanner / copier, so that is nice. The pict bridge is nice because I don't need to buy an extra one for my computer. Only thing it doesn't have is a fax machine and I had problems connecting one of those anyway so I'm not worried about it. I hope that it will still do fine printing documents and shouldn't cost me a fortune, looks like the cartridges appear the same amongst the other printers.

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