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HP Laserjet 1300 Never prints to correct tray in Word 2003


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Hey guys,

I am having a lot of issues here with HP Printers and printing to the correct tray. Typically I setup two instances of the printer for users who print to multiple trays... this usually occurs for users who wish to either print to letterhead or plain paper. On the driver, I explicitly set which tray they would be printing to if they printed to that printer (say that 3 times fast!). Typically when I do a test job on the printer, it prints to the appropriate tray. However, very often when going into Word, it will automatically select a tray regardless of what's specified.

I have utilized both PCL5e and PCL6 drivers, and so far this problem occurs on an HP Laserjet 1300 and Color Laserjet 1600.

  • I have explicitly set the settings for the trays in the driver.
  • I have confirmed the settings correct in MS Word 2003.
  • I've alternated drivers.

I've also noted that sometimes I've seen word change the tray setting from one tray to another, however I have only witnessed this one time. Is there any rhyme or reason why Word cannot handle specific tray printing well, and how can I correct this?


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I don't believe so, that seems to regard printing different templates to different printers. Right now I have users who typically have printers with two trays, letterhead and plain, and they require to be able to print to either or when they select the appropriate printer. Thanks though!

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only other thing i can think off is that word is auto selecting the tray when it shouldnt - or like that link above says use a macro to force word to print to the tray you want

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