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hp amd laptop ram upgrade


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I had a 256 ddr 333mhtz ram laying around, so i gave it to a friend that had a hp runing on a amd chip, and 256 ram. Before installing i went into this laptop and checked the system it said amd and something like 750 mhz or so and like 256 ram. So i installed my 256 ram into his laptop then went back to system and now it says amd 1.5 mhz processor and 398 ram???? This upgrade made the laptop must faster, but didnt go up to 512 ram, instead it increased the processor mhz. I was just wondering has this happend to anyone else. I dont usally deal with amd much.... Thanks alot.

I also recently did a intel centrino laptop upgrade and that worked fine... 1.4 ghz processor, and 1.2 gigs of ram.

Its actully not a prob the kid was happy didnt care too much. But was just wondering about it.. Thanks

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The laptop probably has shared memory for video. I have 512MB of memory but window has 489MB because the video is set to use 32M for video. That could be the memory shortage.

As for the CPU speed that could be due to CPU throttling. Since mine can jump from about 750MHz to 1.8GHz. If you want full speed all the time, set the power profile to "Always On" under the power settings.
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Is the CPU an AMD 64?
I have and AMD 64 processor with 768 ram, but used to be 256.
My speed did not increase, although windows does not recognize the 64 bit processor speeds, on mine it varies daily.


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Hey thanks for the Great info, After reading what you wrote I did a test on my laptop. My thosiba centrino is much more easier in chaning power settings then that kids hp amd laptop. I took screen shots of the diffences. And the thosiba power mangment tool.


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