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Howto? WLAN <-> Win98 <-> LAN <-> Internet


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Hello everyone,

I tried to make my title as detailed as possible. I basically have a pretty big problem. Right now I have a LAN upstairs running like this:

Linksys Router (Wireless Lan) (DNS Server)
    |    |    |     |
   (1)  (2)  (3)   (4)

(1= LAN - XP Pro machine, not always on because it's loud.)
(2= LAN - 98SE Machine, always on.)
(3=WLAN - XP Laptop, in and out of the house.)
(4=WLAN - 98SE Machine, downstairs in the office.)
Okay, right now machine 4 which is downstairs sometimes get signal from the router, and the user is pissed of. I can't blame them, sometimes the signal is there, sometimes not. It really depends. So I have thought of a alternative before getting a ethernet cable installed, phoneline lan. The only problem is that the machine 2, 98SE machine is the only one is the location to do this. I don't know if 98SE can be a router, so can someone help me? I just want all infomation to 'route' through that machine. I would have a phoneline network card in there and a ethernet card. How would I set this up, if possible?

Thank you,

You could just activate ICS on the phoneline card on the 98SE machine. That should do it.

I also believe that bridging the two connections could work. This might be a better solution in the end, if it works.


Nissan Powered
can't you just lock your wi-fi? that way the ass downstairs can't even get access to it if he did happen to get a signal.

(btw I am assuming your in an apt. complex and I'm hoping your not the ass downstairs :) if you are sorry! )


Apple lover, PC User
In a house, and its 2 floors. the reason why its crappy signal is because it's cement walls and the device that picks up the signals on the machine is really crappy.


Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I would just go with the ethernet because, they wont be able to use the net or anything if the 98 machine is down. Also, you should use the KISS methind (keep is simple stupid). Besides, ethernet is faster.
Originally posted by Krux
can't you just lock your wi-fi? that way the ass downstairs can't even get access to it if he did happen to get a signal.
He's supposed to get signal! :)

Btw I think I missread the post somewhat. My new recommendation is: bite the bullet and install some CAT5 wire directly to the router. Much simpler, much better, much faster. :)

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