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Howto: .html reading .xml


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I am looking to get a .html file to read a .xml file. I am fimiliar with .xml files, and I have done this process before but I can't recall how to do it. I tried to search on Google but I couldn't find a 'easy' way to do it. Anyone help me? I just basically want the .html file to read from journal1.xml, and to display the following 'variables' into a table: name, date, wow, journal.

Also, I am not sure if this is possible but if it is than tell me or direct me to a website where I can do it. I want to make a webpage where it will list all the .xml files I have made, by file name, for example "Journal1.xml" or even optionally have a date or something to assoicate the filename with. If the user clicked on the filename the user would be directed to a website where the file would be opened, and put into the 'table' (described above.) I could do this all manually but I am wondering if I can something or do something so that it's automatically updated and I only need 1 .html file that reads all the journals, and 1 .html or whatever file that lists all the journals. The only thing I would change is the journals itself.

Can anyone help me? Thank you very much :)



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Youd need to use some kind of scripting language to get this done.

Most probably something like PHP, Perl, CGI, you cant do it with plain HTML.

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