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How to:Turn Off Computer - shortcut-

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Create a desktop shortcut then right click/properties & asign it some keys.

To create a shutdown shortcut on the desktop:
1. Right click on an open area of the desktop
2. Select New / Shortcut
3. Enter in "shutdown -s -t 00" - no quotes
4. Press the Next button
5. For the name, enter in anything you like. Click on the Finish button.


Read his whole post:

Create a desktop shortcut then right click/properties & asign it some keys.
Look at the words:

assign some keys


OK...F1 is not choosable cause it's reserved I think...

Perris Calderon

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two ways to do this;

you should have a power switch on your keyboard, and you can have this arrangement through power management.

the other way, if you don't have a powe switch, is to do as preciously posted, and obvously, find an f key you don't use.

I use f9

f6 I use for my email

so whatever f key you don't use, you can use as this shortcut


If you have a keyboard with extra buttons, you can configure these keys from control panel - keyboard. I know for sure that MS Intellitype has the shutdown option in the list when you click 'configure' (or whatever is the exact term in English), should be similar for Logitech or other manufacturers.

Or follow the advice in the previous posts. Actually many different ways to do it.

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