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how to list recursive dirs only using ls

Dark Atheist

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atm im trying

ls * >> list.txt but its only going 2 folders deep - i require 3 maybe 4 and just to list the dirs - not their content

using -R lists the files before anyone says - i did try that, and yes i have also done man ls :)

Dark Atheist

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thanks lord, was looking at the tree option also, will try your suggestion out in a bit, if it works and if i can reps will be coming your way, if i cant you get a cookie :)
It varies from OS to OS but you sometimes need to include the -print option in find to have it print out the things it finds. Also if you have directories with spaces in them you can use -print0 to have find print a NULL byte at the end of each found item. This is mainly useful for teaming with "| xargs -0".


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My solution is cooler than the find solution proposed above:

ls -Rl * | egrep -E "^d........" | rev | awk '{ print $1 }' | rev
However, that won't list full paths of the directories involved, and can cause duplicates.

ls -Rl / | grep ".*/.*:$" | sed "s/\:$//"
Lists just directories as found by ls.

Dark Atheist

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thanks X - although i guess i should have put the dir i wanted to list n there instead of the / - as i only require one folder and its sub dirs not the whole filesystem :p

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