How to get rid of McAfee firewall


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31 Jan 2005
I have not had McAfee on my computer for atleast six months but when I check with Windows Security Center it state McAfee personal firewall is ON. I have done a complete search through my entire computer for any files with the word McAfee but reports back none found. Is there a way for me to check if the firewall really exists and if so how to get rid of it?
Here are the removal instructions direct from McAfee when Add/Remove programs fails to remove Personal Firewall Plus.Manual Uninstall of Personal Firewall Plus

Please follow the instructions below to run the Personal Firewall Plus removal tool. This will completely remove Personal Firewall Plus from your computer.

1. Download and save the MPFCleanupTool.exe to your desktop.

2. Locate MPFCleanupTool.exe on your desktop and double-click to launch.

3. The removal tool will schedule and display a time when the removal process will begin.
Note: The displayed time should be within one minute of the current system time shown in the bottom right side of the screen.

4. Removal will begin at the displayed time.

5. During this process, several icons will be created on your desktop. All of these new icons, except one, will be removed when the uninstall is complete and the computer has been restarted. The file mccleanup.log will remain on the desktop. Once you have verified the removal was successful, you can delete this file.

6. When finished, the following message will be displayed: The machine must reboot to complete the uninstallation. Reboot now?

7. Press "Y" on your keyboard to restart your computer and complete the removal process.

If Personal Firewall Plus is the only McAfee service installed on your computer, uninstall SecurityCenter.

if all else fails your best bet would be to try and reinstall the application and then remove it.
Thanks for the prompt reply tdinc I ran the file three times but security center still reports McAfee firewall active. I have no McAfee files anywhere on the computer I even did a search for *.adf files but non found!
McAfee Personal Firewall eventually removed with help from McAfee Technical Support.:)

I had the problem of the upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 not working because McAfee Personal Firewall was still installed. I looked for McAfee in Add Remove Programs but it was not there. I ran various software removal tools from McAfee, but still windows upgrade said McAfee Personal firewall was present and would not upgrade.

Eventually I contacted McAfee Technical Support using their Chat Service. The McAfee technicians persevered with the problem and after asking permission to access my Laptop PC Remotely they found a McAfee Driver that had not been removed. The technician manually deleted the driver and after a re-boot the Windows Update process was able to run without further problem.

So after trying Add Remove programs and after trying the software removal tools avaialble from McAfee support site: if McAfee is still detected by Windows Upgrade you could contact the McAfee Technical Support team. They are very helpful and persevere until the problem is solved. Their technical support was free even though I could no longer quote a Licence agreement with them.:)
McAfee is to the same point as Norton. To get rid of it, you have to do a reformat.

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