how to get 2500+ to OC from 3000+ to 3200+ ?


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I have a athlon xp 2500+ that I've had for over a year and finally decide to try overclocking and seeing what it could do. I tried upping the FSB to 200mhz and lowering my multiplier to 10.5 and hit 3000+ easily with my Corsair XMS pc2700 (2x256) in dual channel. The setup ran stable, and with my Zalman cnps 7000 alcu, everything ran relatively cool at around 40C. Passed memtest, prime95, everything.

Anyhow, I tried upping the multiplier up to 11 again to hit 3200+, but when I do, the computer posts just fine but the screen stays black when it should be showing the WindowsXP loading screen. It never actually loads windows and I have to reboot and change the multiplier back down to 10.5.

I thought it might be my memory, and I wanted to upgrade to 1GB anyways, so I bought and installed some Geil pc3200 RAM (2x512). I did what I did before to hit 3000+ and again everything works fine, but I still get the same problem when I try for 3200+.

Anyhow, long story short, my question is what do I need to do to successfully hit 3200+? Should I try increasing the CPU core voltage? if so, by how much?

I'm not a hard core clocker, don't have a lot of experience at it. Mainly I just wanted improved performance at a value.

Any info/advice?



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when you overclock you have to keep in mind the voltages...

nominally afaik the vcore volts are at 1.5V...

naturally if you overclock you should increase the volts to compensate... if there is insufficient power to run the processor you may have blank screens and the like...

I think a decent voltage would be in the 1.625 or 1.65 range... try it out and see if it works and is stable...

you dont' want to up the volts too much either see but most overclocks I have seen in the region you are in @ the moment or seeking to get into have been of that variety...

keep in mind also different processors react differently to oc's and it is entirely possible that your cpu just can't be overclocked to 3200+ levels... I don't think this is the case but the possibility does exist :)

Ok, some of the 2500's are great overclockers, some are not. I was able to hit 3200 speeds but had a problem running BF1942 properly when overclocked to 3200 speeds. I backed the multiplier down to 10x200 and it ran just fine. I did play with the voltages though but nothing. So I went and bought an Athlon XP Mobile 2600, dropped it in my ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 2 board and I'm at 2.4ghz 400FSB at 38c on air using a 7000AlCu

How's that for an overclock.


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ShepsCrook, i'm not familiar with AMD processors much, but i'm guessing that kinda OC isn't quite as good as my P4 2.4C running at 3.0 or 3.2 (depending on what i feel like running it at), no voltage change, running stable at around 40c-ish idle, using my GigaByte 3D Cooler Pro at around 2600rpm's?
Don't buy a 3200+ an Athlon XP Mobile will blow away a 3200 for the price.

Elemental, that overclock isn't that great. 2.4C's are great for overclocking. Considering the average overclock for those is 3.4 in the 38-42c range. :) But that's pretty nice.

The 2.4C is $159 at Newegg
The Athlon XP Mobile 2600 is $103 (Price has increased because these are great overclockers)

Stock speed on the AMD Athlon XP Mobile is 2ghrz, I'm at 2.4 and still in great settings for an AMD chip. I could probably go 2.5 maybe 2.6 and stay in the mid 40's for idle. You could probably find the Mobile for cheaper at a different website.

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