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how to for esx server4


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Hi all,

I regularly use vmware server 2 for all my virtualization needs. I would like to try VMWare ESXi 4 (64bit version of ESXi3) on a new machine, but before I do, I had a couple of questions.

(BTW, my hardware is compatible with the ESXi HCL)

1- once installed, how do I control it?

2- can I control it from remote workstation, what do I need, or is it browser based like vmware server2?

3- Is there a good howto, or a quick start howto on ESXi




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The local console is very minimal... includes network settings and shutdown/reboot the server and that's about it.

Everything else is done through the infrastructure client. direct a web browser at the server IP address and it will let you download the client.

One gotcha is there is NO USB support in ESX. No USB drives, no USB connection to a UPS, etc. We had to buy a USB over ethernet adapter for backups and a connection to the UPS to shut it down. While it's pretty cool, it's definitely NOT the fastest backup in the world!


Overclocked Like A Mother
Great, Thanks for the heads up on the USB issue.

Can the guest OS's find the USB ports? Or does ESX cut off the USB ports to the guest OS's as well?

Thanks again,


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