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How to Copy and Paste Text in Command Prompt


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I want to use my keyboard to copy and paste in command prompt instead of using a mouse to do it. I noticed that using CTRL + V didn't work. Here is an easy way to copy + paste in Command Prompt. After you've copied your text use the following keys on your keyboard:
Alt + Space e p. That's all you need to remember. Press Alt + Space on your keyboard, then press e and then press p. Keep doing it and you'll get used to it.


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Fastest way for me is going to the window properties and turn on Quick Edit Mode. Highlight + right click to copy and right click to paste.

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Ya quick edit is the fastest I have found as well.
To turn it on right-click the top of the command prompt window > properties > options
You will see quickedit mode under edit options
When you select it you will be given a choice of turning quickedit on for the current window only or save for future use.

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