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how to connect PC to PC using crossover ethernet


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I need to move data from one PC to the other PC I have a crossover ethernet cable what should I configure on both window XP?

Thank you in advance


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You must do this configuration on both computers:

goto network connections screen from control panel... On the sidebar there should be an option to "Setup a Home or Small Office Network" Keep clicking Next until you have to pick how your setting up your network,

- On one of the computers Pick the 1st option (if one of the comptuers has internet, choose this option on that comptuer)
- On the other computer pick the 2nd option

Keep clicking next..... After the setup finishes, just tell it to end the wizard without making a network disk or whatever.....


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It should be also noted that...

There are other considerations that need addressed here as well.

Does one of these computers have a second network device connecting it to the internet?

Have you manually configured an IP address on whichever devices are not connected to the internet?

Knowing the exact configuration of your internet connection and what network devices ( NIC's, Modems, etc ) you have will help us to help you.


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RULE 1 : Make sure the computers DO NOT HAVE SAME NAME... RULE 2 make both computers part of the same WORKGROUP plug in the cable and reboot the machines , if needed go to the properties of your network adapter and force ip address's if needed something like ie: and


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When you run network wizard to set up your connection between the two computers, it'll ask you how to connect to the internet as well. You just need to nominate which of the two machines will be connecting directly to the internet and which one is to be connected via LAN.

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