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How to burn a 4.7GB file to DVDR

I have a file that is 4.7GB around and would like to burn to DVD disc, which program can help me on burning the file to the disc? thk!
None, this file is too large, a 4.7gb dvdr will only actually hold about 4.3. If it is a dvd movie you can compress it with dvd shrink or DVD2ONE


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If you are trying to burn it for data archive purposes, I would recommend trying to compress with programs like WinRAR or WinZip.

If it is a movie, as brocher stated DVD Shrink will help you compress it so it can be burned to a single sided 4.7GB DVD


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Or, try finding the right media that will allow overburning without too much trouble and have to have the luck that you have a burner that allows overburning.

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