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How to add commands to the Run menu


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I was wondering if there is a way to add commands to the run-box. For example you can start notepad by typing notepad int the run box. Calc starts the calculator, and so on...

Is is possible to add additional commands? For example "icq" that would start ICQ?

Also, is there a refernce somewhere which commands can be used in the run-box to start win applications?




I don't know how to add commands to the Run Box but why don't you just drag and drop your most common commands in the Taskbar?

I have Notebook, Calc, Word, etc.. in mine.
I did drag my Taskbar so it's two rows high.

This sure is easier then what you are trying to do.


You can't run progs straight from the Run box unless the path to it is specified in your PATH variable. Go to System Properties, under the Advanced tab and click on Environment Variables. That your PATH variable is defined in the bottom list. Any paths that are in the PATH variable will be checked when trying to run programs without specifically specifying a path. I would suggest not adding anything to the PATH variable either as it may cause it's searching to slow down if too many paths are specified (i.e. it will check every path in there until it finds the prog you told it to execute. The more paths, the more searching it has to do).

If you want the commands to other progs, check your C:\Windows folder to see what you have available, for example, NOTEPAD.EXE should be in there, so you can do Start -> Run -> Notepad and it should startup notepad (I don't think you need "Notepad int" or whatever it was).

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