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How much speed do you really need anyway?

i've been using my pentium II 300mhz without overclocking for years now without much performance problem. upgraded RAM to 256 after installing XP... got it to start from fresh boot within 35 seconds with only Zone Alarm and Pc-Cillin during startup...

never have a problem with games like unreal or quaker or half-life or diablo ii .. the only thing you need to play games most of the time is a good graphic card (geforce2 gts in my case).

the only time that i think i screamed for more processing power is during video encoding and also mp3 encoding. (or brute force cracking).


For years i wanted the fastest PC than all my firends, then I realised my current machine did everything I wanted it to do

I wasnt crunching mathematical equations, just playing games, surfing etc...

Im happy with my 1Ghz - 512MB ram and GeForce

I wont be upgrading for a while :)


When my computer is fast enough to take me back through time I'll need another couple of hundred mhz...


Speak to the exception

Yeah, i completely understand that position... i speak as an exception because of what my main system is required to do.. it DOES have to crunch some math, and as a sometimes software developer its nice when you have huge projects to compile that you have that extra speed... and still be able to game at the same time :D


I think if your comp is around 1ghz, you won't need upgrades for a while...I'm currently using PIII 1ghz, 512ram and it runs great!


I'm sorry Hal...
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The only reason I upgraded last time to a athlon 1800 was becuase my old system, just wouldn't play the latest games. Max Payne just wouldn't play, AVP2 would only play on the most basic of graphic options and for some weird reason I couldn't play anything built on the Quake 3 engine.
So my Athlon 1800 with 512DDR will do my just fine, for a couple of years anyway :)


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It all depends what the individual wants to do. As in what they expect to do on their machine. Those who just want to surf and e-mail don't need much. Gamers and graphic artist are the ones who want the speed. I love these old Grandmothers who buy a 2ghz machines to e-mail the grandkids and look up pound cake recipes. :rolleyes:


My friend still has a 133 mhz with 16 mb ram lol. All he does is chat , surf and email and it does him just fine. After using my system when I have to go fix his it about drives me nuts how slow it is but he is happy with it. :)

My Mom only surfs and uses email and she went out and got a 1.3 ghz with 1 gig of ram lol. I don't know where she was going but I don't think she'll need an upgrade anytime soon lol

I myself prefer some power, I do some video editing and play lots of games so i need some power. :)

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