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How much power???

I was wondering how many watts of power a pc with the following specs needs:

ATI Radeon x700 PCI-E

1.5 GB RAM

AMD Athlon 3200+ (2.0 GHZ)

2 disk drives

160 GB Harddrive

Couple o' fans

Thanks everyone


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PCI-e cards can consume between 63-143W. I'm not too sure of the precise figure but it's based on a nvidia 6800 card I read about when it was first introduced.

400W psu should be sufficient for your specs.
yeah I've been wondering if that was the problem with my computer restarting when I tried to load big programs like battlefield 2 after i was in standby for a bit. Is this a problem with power? right now i have 350 Watts

Thanks again



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kcnychief said:
Check this out, works like a champ:

Not fair, doesn't include the newer processors like mine. :p

sindustrial777 said:
yeah I've been wondering if that was the problem with my computer restarting when I tried to load big programs like battlefield 2 after i was in standby for a bit. Is this a problem with power? right now i have 350 Watts
I have doubts that insufficient power will cause the machine to just restart. I would have thought it'd be much more serious - something closer to psu blowing and/or certain hardware going with it.

Check that the psu fans are working properly... could be the psu overheating. had that happen to my older machine before.
350W is plenty for that system, IF it is a good brand name power supply.
What is the PS make and model?

Turn off "restarts on failure" in power manageemnt and you can read what caused the problem on the blue screen that appears. Post the blue screen info back here if you don't understand it.

When you say standby which variation of power saving do you mean:
Monitor off, HD off, or sleep?

HD shutdown or sleep can create instability in the system after power comes back up. Try disabling those power save options and see if it helps.


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ming: i believe you are correct about the "not enough power causing system restart". if anything.... the system restarting due to not enough power would probably wind up turning into an infinite loop of restarts at that point, since it takes more power to get the computer running than it does to KEEP it running. and it could possibly result in the PSU and/or a component or two taking the fall as well. happened when i had a GeForce 4 Ti4200 in my Sony Vaio. woke up to artifacts all over the screen on the windows desktop.... restarted my computer..... never saw a single graphic on that card again. *sniffle* i still have the card too.

as they said... 350 watts should be good, as long as it's a good brand name power supply.... not one that you'd buy from your local wal-mart or anything like that. Antec would be good for one.... not sure about others. probably wouldn't hurt to go higher if you can... maybe even 500 watts..... just in case you happen to upgrade further down the line... won't have to worry about buying ANOTHER power supply, unless you build a whole 'nother computer. just remember to get one that is good quality and a good brand name. if you want..... if you find one that you think is good, post a link to it in here so we can look at it, see what it is/what it's like, and give you a thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether or not to go through with the purchase of the power supply.
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iceman seems to have found a better calculator... but there's one thing I can't understand, and I'm sure they've got the rating wrong. I've got a GF6800GT which it states consumes ONLY 75w (which I think is a bit on the low side)... then if you put two cards together.. they consume 235w (which is more than triple the power consumed by a single card.
ROLMAO! I love that new math Ming.

Those calculators are useless. They need to be modified so that they compute the current consumption for each voltage rail and nobody has made that effort yet. It will mean making a calculator that has steady state and transient current demands for every type of hardware out there built in. A major undertaking.

Everybody is still thrashing about trying to avoid making the transition to Power Supply ratings based on current capacity. It's just too hard, especially since the rules change every 2 years now.

Last generation power supplies had to have humongous 5V and 3.3V rails and the 12V rails suffered to compensate. Now everyone has realized that you can't push 100's of amps through crappy little commercial "Molex" connectors so they are putting "on board" regulators on MB's and Vid cards so they can move lower currents at 12V around the system box.

Expect a major change of direction in the next few years. The ATX standard may be on it's way out just like the AT standard died. Power distribution is becoming a major issue for the PC.


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Wish they'd get back to making sub-200W machines. Then it'd be all quiet and saving meh some money on electricity bill. :p

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