How much for this system?


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How much money do you think I would get for the following system? (In £ plz)

AMD Athlon 2000XP
Abit KR7A Raid motherboard
Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4600
512 DDR-RAM PC-2100
Creative Sound Blaster Live!
Seagate Barracuda V 60GB 7200RPM ATA100
5 Evercool silent system fans
Alpha PAL8045 heatsink with 80mm CPU fan
17" Unbranded monitor
Microsoft Internet Keyboard and Optical Mouse
Soundworks 4.1 Speaker system

Chieftech Dragon Blue case

id say about £700 :D .. good gfx card and sound does build up the price.. RAM's pretty good too

You could work it out in prices seperatly.. (ive kinda worked them out roughly)..

AMD Athlon 2000XP... and
Abit KR7A Motherboard.. hmm about £150
Geforce 4 Ti 4600 £200? (cant remember actual price)
512 DDR RAM PC 2100... £120
Creative SoundBlaster Live! .. £40
60GB HardDrive... £80?
17" inch unbranded.. £120
Microsoft Inet Keyboard and optical mouse.. £70
Sounworks 4.1 Speaker System.. erm.. £80?
Cool designed case... £100

Total from my prices :p = £960... lol thats more than i said at first
Are any of my prices wrong? if so im sorry

Sincerly Alex :cool:
that tower looks like the one i was gonna buy but mine was in black.. is that a server tower? the one i was gonna get was a server tower ya see.. but i spray painted my own one instead :).. much cheaper.. lol :cool:


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its worth 60% of the new price the day its sold, as its then 2nd hand, so 500 is about the limit still, its 2nd hand after all.

If you walked in my shop i would offer you £300 at a push ;)

512 DDR RAM PC 2100... £120 LMAO, try £40-£50 NEW

Creative SoundBlaster Live! .. £40.... £21 now, new.

17" inch unbranded.. £120 £80 new. inc 3 year onsite

Soundworks 4.1 Speaker System.. erm.. £80? £30 new

u was about right on the TI4600 though
aye, i got 1gb pc2700 (2x 512mb) for £90

depends a lot on what model of 4.1 soundworks speakers they are as to the price.

fps-1500s are more expensive than fps-1000s

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Thx for all ur replies guys.

Ok it is the Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 speaker system. For the size of them they sure do make a lot of noise.

As for the case, no its not the server case, its the one below it.

Reason is I am thinking about getting a decent laptop for when I move up to Uni. My m8 has a bloody expensive Dell laptop and UT2003 seems to run with no problems at all with most of the settings at high. For insurance reasons its cheaper to insure a laptop which is locked in a drawer than a huge desktop, well sitting on a desktop :p


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