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How good does Mortal Kombat: Deception look...

you get to pick over 24 characters, they have a lot of the older members too. Sheeva and Styker are still out (yes to Styker) and on top of that, you can do a suicide instead of a fatility, i mean thats just awsome. Finally the man Reptile is also sitting on the top, being the old Dragon King. Not much better than this. Add your thoughts too. :)
Just correcting you there... I think that guy's name is Stryker and not Styker.

I haven't been interested in the MK series anymore, they seem to be dying out. The one MK I liked was MK 3, on the Sega Mega Drive. Ah, the memories. :)


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it looks amazing...and the creativity in this one might rekindle my love for the old mk series...oh I remember MK 2 on SUperNes...

there is a chance it might be good
I saw some videos yesterday at Gamespot about MK:D (VI) and I was amazed about the detail etc. These where however streaming videos so the videoquality wasn't that good, but still, I was impressed.

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