How Does Tracking You Work?


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Well it seems that I have reached my Download Cap this month (which I think is wrong, it was suppoose to be last month but) and everytime i try to download, it goes for a bit, and then just stops.

So I am wondering how it works, is there like someone watching and once they notice they stop it, or what...or is this a totally differnt weird problem?


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i have to stop myself from being facetious. They just tabulate the amount of data you download through a certain timeframe automatically via a database, if you reach the cap they cap you.

Or it could be that for every customer, they have on employee watching what you do. They then write this down on a small yellow pad using the tally system, once they reach said cap limit they go tell their super who then sends off a rolled up parchment via the vacuum tube network to a tech guy in the basement, that is surrounded by Twinkies and pop tarts. He then unlocks a lever (in a long long row of levers) with your account (and baby photo) on it. Then slowly and ceremoniously, he lowers it reverently with a sly grin on his mouth as he shuts off another download abuser. :)

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i have to stop myself from being facetious. They just tabulate the amount of data you download through a certain timeframe automatically via a database, if you reach the cap they cap you.
If that is true, then why when I download a file, it downloads a certain amount of it and then all of a sudden stops, shouldn't it just not work?

Could there be some crazy virus or other explanation for this weird internet behavior?

*edit, so I tried my dad's computer and he can download perfectly, and fast...faster then normal, faster since I got this problem.....he uses IE

so I thought maybe if I try IE, maybe there is something wrong with Firefox, but no still cant download in either Firefox nor IE

So WTF? my computer cant download anything, but others can?
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Well there are the video podcasts from revision3, i tried getting certain files from, i have tried different things from all don't make sense

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If your other computer works then it would seem that your computer is the problem, so what have you changed? Can you go back to a restore point before this started? Have you done the temp files cleanout / virus /syware sweeps?


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I don't know exactly when this started, so I dont know about going back, plus I hate those anyways. I have done virus and spyware sweeps and nothing was found. Just cleared my temp files... (you meant for firefox anda ll that right?)


actually, I just tried to download something again on my dad's computer and same problem? WTF this is weird
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It could be your router or it could be the ISP. I have a problem with using P2P. I think it trned out to be my router,but I can't remember.

If you are using a router disable it and connect directly into the cable/dsl modem. Try download now. If the problem is gone it's a router issue. If the rpblem is still there then the ISP doesn't like where you are downloading from and are disconnecting you.

It could be a usage issue
It could be the activity looks like a DNS attack or hacker activity
It could be connections to P2P they consider piracy activity.

Call your ISP for help. That is what you are paying them for.

Go to yuor ISP website and read the usage policy. They may explain how their capping works. i.e. at certain levels they mauy limits your downloads per day until the final cap is reached instead of just cutting you off.


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I did call them and they kept saying connect directly to your modem, but how its setup in this house, its not the most easy thing to do. I'd rather try to find another solution first before having to do that. Plus, I have never had problems before, and have had the same setup for at least a year now.

I have tried couple different places, even a place I havent tried before and same problem, so I don't think it can really be them not liking a certain place. But who knows.

How would I know if it's a type of hacker activity? I assume there isn't one?

I guess unless anyone has any other ideas, trying the direct modem connection is my only option. If it works when I do that, that means I need a new modem?


Well aparently, my dad got mad at me acouple weeks ago and removed my MAC ADDRESS from his router (i have wireless) but somehow I still got internet, but downloads started to mess up. I added it back in and it seems to be all good. Even thought at one point his computer couldn't download either, so its a big weird mess but for now I'm happy.

And I also found out that I have 60GB/Month download, which is pretty good, and basically you use more then that in a month?
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