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How does google work?


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I have a site called www.cutite.ro ....when i search on the google the word "cutite" i'm on the first or second place...if I search the word "cutit" I'm not even in the first 50's...can anybody explain to me why?


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It is done with spiders .. You could also got to overture.com .. They are the ones who created the search engine. Yahoo bought them out; but Google, alltheweb, msn, and yahoo use the software.
Or go here for an overview: -


Web crawlers, spiders or bots rely on the host site allowing access to these tools usually via a simple script entry. Google uses thousands of cheapo servers (PC’s) running Linux (free but customised) to perform this task. They are ganged in clusters and replicated for reliability. It could be loosely said that they implement Cod’s law with redundancy. It’s a bit of mishmash with lots of money thrown at it as are all the best and worst thing in life. They have in recent years excluded certain sites due to political interference so if you are searching the web for that difficult to find item like for instance what actually happened during an era of political unrest, you would be well advised to use tools that use multiple search engines and not just Google’s which is now a political object and commercial undertaking in itself, i.e. they are there primarily to make money. This is in as far as I’m concerned not in the public interest and worst still against the ideas and dreams of the original concepts of the internet.

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