how do you network win 95 and win xp



i was just wondering what i have to do to network these two computers
i have a linksys 4 port router
what are the instructions in order for me to connect both computers on the internet and at the same time i want to share files between the two computers
thanx in advance


all you should have to do...assuming your internet connection is working for both is install IPX/SPX on the Win95 box and NWLink on the XP box. NetBeui is not installed by default with windows xp, but it's still available, you just have to get it off of the cd. so, if you want to use the NetBEUI protocol, you'll have to manually install it in xp, but it shouldn't be necessary.

so basically:

make sure your TCP/IP settings are set to obtain IP automatically from the router.

install IPX/SPX on the 95 box
install NWLink on the XP box....they should see eachother and communicate.

make sure they are on the same workgroup to avoid confusion.


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Don't waste your time with Novell IPX/SPX. You have a router with NAT so just use TCP/IP. Make sure both comptuers have the same workgroup name and have file and print sharing enbled

ps. Make sure that on the 95/98 boxes that NetBIOS over TCP/IP is seleted to enable file sharing over TCP/IP

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