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how do you make a bootable 5 in 1 dvd?



I don't know if anyone has asked this befor but I would like to make a 5 in 1 dvd that is bootable. Does anyone know where I can find any information or guides on the subject?

I have the following operateing systems and I want to put them on 1 dvd:

windows 3.11
windows 95
Windows nt 4.0
windows 98
Windows xp

And I want to be able to have it bootable so it will run on a computer with no operating system and will boot with some type of prompt that lets me select which one to install, do any of you know of any guides or programs that can do that?

And yes I did say dvd not cd. I was recently lucky enuff to recieve a dvd burner.
Interesting idea, but after thinking about it I don't think it's a practical use for a dvd.

1. Anything that you may want to put Window 3.11 or 95 on is unlikely to have a dvd drive and may not even be capable of booting to a cd. I'd leave those out of the equation altogether as there's really not much use for them anymore. If you do find a use for either, you'll likely need to use their respective installation media anyway.

2. Cdr's cost like .25 ea... Dvdr's are close to $10 ea (maybe $5 if you get a good deal). I'd suggest just burning .75 worth of cdr's (a copy of each remaining OS's installation CD).

3. Just somthing to think about.


Those Xin! cd's use a program that was leaked from MS,,, It was never supposed to public,,, It's also very hard to find...

The way it works is to compare the files of ISOs then all the common files go into one folder and the uncommon files go into the OS specific folder... The common files are of course linked to...

This same program also make the cd bootable(?) with a menu...

On a regular CD you can get every version of XP as well as quite a few utilities... You can get Dos6.22,,, Win3.11,,, Win95,,, Win98,,, NT4SP6 & quite a few more utilities on another cd...

Here's a page I copied from a 8in1 XP cd,,, He gives the instuctions on making one...

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