How do you disable...



how do you prevent stuff like gator, virtual bouncer, comet cursor, etc... from poping up in IE and asking if you want to install it?


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Un4gIvEn1 and Krux may want to check those facts :D Its very hard to avoid alot of sites that use so called drive by ActiveX installers and why should you?

I'll give you a quick low down on a few options.

1) You could always just disable ActixeX but that leaves you without it even when you may want the control to run, for example windows update or flash.

2) You could always toggle ActiveX and Scripting on and off with 3rd party controls so you can pick when it runs then quickly turn it back off, ive posted them here before in a thread a page or two away. Useful for the savvy surfer.

3) Then you could setup zones, disable ActiveX in the internet zone, and trust sites that you want to use ActiveX, but that takes time and is a pain to manage. Somewhat helped by tools that let you setup to do just this however.

4) The best way is: With Spyware Blaster

It will set "kill bits" in the registry to stop knowen spyware installer controls from poping up and asking you to install them :)

Exactly what your looking for! Its very good, check it out:

5) This does the same thing but is updated less frequently and is just based around a reg file:

6) Checkout IESPYADS: This is a block list for IE and adds over 30,000 knowen spyware, adware, malware sites to the restricted zone in IE which will stop them from ever displaying content.

My advice is use IESPYAD and Spyware Blaster, they are the perfect pair together, of course both require IE.

Answers such as "don't go on the internet" simply dont cut it as you can now see ;)


Thanks for the tips Enyo, how does Spyware blaster "set kill bits in the registry" exactly?


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If you checkout the site and the forum it will tell you more but basically every ActiveX control has a ID (CLSID), such as {9F1C11AA-197B-4942-BA54-47A8489BB47F}.

Spyware blaster has a list of IDs knowen to be malware and will set the Compatibility Flags value in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility) so that it windows cant execute that control.

Read this:


Cool tips, Enyo. Thanks. :)

Hey, I thought I'd hijack this thread and ask a somewhat related question. If you don't mind. :)

-I caught a bug today which keeps setting my IE (6.0) homepage back to, as well as adding a list of links to my Favorites folder. All the links are in bold, and are titled CHAT EVA, CHAT CINDY, CHAT.... All but one that appeared to be some porn sex engine.

I scanned with Norton 2003, Ad-Aware and Spybot, all updated, and found nothing.

Is it possible that simply viewing the pages, while deleting the links, kept causing it to happen over again ?
-Since there seemed to be no virus or bug, I figured it could be that... :confused: I started IE while blocking access through ZA, deleted the links and changed my homepage back to google. Then restarted with access.

It seems fine now... :(

(Weirdest thing is I haven't been to porn sites lately. Well, not since reinstalling... :p )

PS- I'M getting tired of this : 2 days ago, after a bug-free run of several years, I tried to run a little something that managed to disable my entire XP installation, even rendering reparation from the installation cd inoperable.
Now this, right when I'm finished formatting and reinstalling all my software. :mad:


Enyo - I follow a lot of the threads you respond to - only because I usually learn something from them - thanks again for the Hijack/Browser Hijacked links! :D


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Enyo, thanks for the link to IE-SPYAD! I was hoping to find some info on stopping malware, and I definitely found the right thread. Props to the Search feature too! :D


(Woah, it shows that I haven't posted on a forum for a while. I just realized I'd completely screwed up last night's post.)

Hey Damnyank, remember me ?


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Originally posted by muzikool
Enyo, thanks for the link to IE-SPYAD! I was hoping to find some info on stopping malware, and I definitely found the right thread. Props to the Search feature too! :D
Make sure you bookmark the IESPYAD home its updated atleast weekly :) Its a fab tool glad you like it.

damnyank, :)


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Read through the above thread. Wow!

Enyo, can I hire you to sit guard on my network??? lol. I have a space just above the firewall that would suit. Very comfortable :p

As already mentioned, this is one helluvah tip. Good Job m8.
IESPYAD really does rock. Once again, thanks for sharing this !!!!

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