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How do I turn it back on from Hibernate?


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Hi. I am using a work laptop and it's a Dell Latitude 610. When I am using it and closes the cover the laptop goes to sleep/hibernate. How do I wake it up so that I don't have to press the power button for so long that it will reboot. I had tried to press the power button momentarily to wake it up but it won't. Please help.


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I am pretty sure if you press the power button for about 2 seconds it should wake up. Sometimes also hitting a few keys or moving the touchpad should work as well. If this is not functioning properly, I would double-check "wake-up" settings in the BIOS and Windows.

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right click the power icon in the system tray, go to adust power properties, you can tell the computer how to wake from the advanced settings

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Hibernation = save ram to hard drive and power off
Stand By = go into power saving mode

Waking from hibernation is the starting the system for the first time. Simply hit the power button. Waking from standby can either entail pushing the power button, hitting a key or moving the mouse.

It sounds like the system is going into stand by rather then hibernation. Standby is the default for when a laptop user closes the lid, a default I disable.

To disable going into standby when the lid is closed goto Start>Control Panel>Power Options (or right click the power icon in the system tray and click "Adust Power Properties"), select the advanced tab and changes "When I close the lid of my portable computer:"


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I expect the combiation of that advice will get you on the right track to fix things as you wish them - must be standby is my guess - because you usually get a "power up"/"progress" bar as the RAM is filled from the HD with Hibernation, so you would know if that was occurring....

If you are not sorted post back - NetRyder is, I think, ourt resident Dell Notebook specialist (amongst other things, of course ;) ) and I have a hunch his post would definitely sort the matter.


my pc dont work from hibernation. i put it in hibernation and when i press keys to wake, its wakes but with the applications i had open, closed. also the mouse moves hell slow.

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