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how do i setup raid


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i have a msi-turbo-r board with raid ofcourse. and i have 40gig hardrive currentlly setup in it on the IDE cable and i have a extra harddrive my friend gave me like a 60 gig one (i think) now how do i setup so dat i am using both harddrives on my raid. but leave the olddrive with its current settings and the newharddrive will be blank (i have to format it, but how do i use format d:) and so then i can move the music movies documents to my new drive and bla blah. ANYONE know how to do this.?


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1) make sure the new 60gb is set as master... check the jumpers on it.
2) get an ide cable and connect the blue end to your empty raid channel and connect the black end to the harddrive. plug in power, too.
3) boot and go to control panel > admin. tools > comp. management > disk management.
4) right-click on the 60gb drive and delete partitions or format or do whatever you need to do.


Erm, what RAID system are you going for? If you want RAID 0 for performance you wil have to format both hard drives and re install win xp. During the installation load u hit F8 to load your RAID drivers. You have to make sure RAID is enabled in your BIOS and you boot from raid and that the two RAID iDE's are sat to RAID function; not ATA. Also, both drives should be set to master in RAID 0. Note that it wil only show 80gb (2x40) instead of 100 (60+40) as it cuts down the drives so they r all the same size (equal to the smallest size drive).

If you are using RAID 1 for mirroring you can do it within your os through doing a few things the guy above said. I can't advise much on RAID1 as I have not done it to date.


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Another thing if you set up a RAID 0, is that if one (1) HD goes you loose all Data on both drives.

What is the actual MoBo Model? Is it a K7T Turbo MS-6330 Ver3.0??
If it is the onboard Promise Raid controller only supports RAID 0 and RAID 1.

Also if you're gonna go RAID you gotta start from scratch, ie reformat both HDs and setup the RAID in the BIOS then reinstall XP. You can't just stick a HD in and go into BIOS and set RAID. Or so I've been told.


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if you read it closely, i'm pretty sure he just wants to know how to hook up his 2nd harddrive seperately. he doesn't actually mention anything about an array being set up... he wants 2 seperate drives.

oO ShifterZ Oo

actually im not sure or really sure how raid works, but waht i want is a non reformat of my orginal drive becuase this baby has been reformated then completely intstall 2 times the reforamted again and now it is here, but if i have to i guess i will. WHAT i want is umm say i have two drives hooked up into my RAID, i dont know wat a array is or RAID 0 RAID 1 i guess its meanings first hdd and 2nd hdd, but wat i want is both drives going into RAID and not formating the orginal but formating the old one. IS DAT POSSIBLE


You don't need raid..

Setting up in raid means 2 hd's are being used together, in a stripped array where the 2 drives are actually being combined (say you have 2 80s, their put together so it'll look like you have just 1 160 drive), or you can mirror, where you only have the 1 80, and the other 80 is a complete mirror copy of it, constantly being updated to what you currently have on your drive)

If you don't plan on doing this, don't worry about raid.

Besides, I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure, to mirror, both drives must be of the same size...isn't striped volume like this as well?


OK, i think i got the jist of his question second time around. I think yes would be a good answer and if it dont work come back and ask.

If you are using the two ide raid channels but not for raid thats fine, make sure its set to ATA function in your bios.

A basic rule of thumb is if you don't know what raid is you don't really need it, with most tasks its hard to notice the performance increase of RAID 0 and most people only need to back up a few files, not a whole hdd like with RAID 1. If you put in raid in a search engine there are at least 20 pages with decent explanations on which im sure we don't have to repeat on here, infact i'll go find 1 now. This is an explanation of RAID 0


And an explantion of RAID 1;


As you can see there are more types but these are not available on the RAID chips you get with mobo's these days. You can only get the other types with advanaced RAID cards.

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