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How do I resize partitions

PartitionMagic 8 won't install on my computer for some odd reason. "The install wizard was interrupted" it says. Which it wasn't. Makes me think that SP2 is incompatible with it or something. So is there any other progam like PartitionMagic 8 that resizes partitions?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah! And let me know how it goes - I have PM and might want to use it with SP2 sometime, so if it is broken I will not be happy....

[EDIT] Is error on trying to install PM 8? I already have it installed with SP2 and just fired it up and it looks to run fine, but still try booting off the PM discs, that should work since it has it's own OS and would leave SP2 completely out of the equation [/EDIT]
i.. didn't make PM discs.. :(

error trying to install, yes. i'll try it again incase i get lucky though.

edit: i'm creating rescue discs from the seperate installer for it. maybe this will work.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Well that is saddddd - and (as you know!) you dooo gettt lottsss of PROMPTING to make those discs...

so now you knwo why? :p

Seriously - my condolences.

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