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How do I get this file back


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I have managed to delete a .exe file by mistake from the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder and hope someone can tell me how to reinstall it and explain what it's for. "is it for a fax device".

it's called zesoft.exe and i think it is a microsoft service,
computer managment says: The ZESOFT service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.

If I have to extract it from the XP disc can you please show me how to type the command lines as i'm not very good at them.

running XP Pro-SP2



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where did you get the software that came with the fax card(r modem)? just reinstall it. That file might not be on the xp cd, so just reinstall it. or of you havent done anything you dont mind getting rid of, try system restore


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zesoft.exe is not a Microsoft file (at least not on a standard XP load).

Find the properties of the service (start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Services) and see if it has any description attached to it.

If you don't know what it is for and it doesn't seem like anything else is broken.. you could just disable the service and see if anything else that you use breaks.. if you use somethign that depends on it, it will probably ask for it in which case you would then know what to reinstall.

Or you could try to get an undelete program to try to recover the deleted file.. either a commercial one like undelele (http://www.executive.com/undelete/undelete.asp) or a free one like HandyRecover (http://www.handyrecovery.com/) might help you.



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this gets more interesting,
Fitz said: Find the properties of the service (start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Services) and see if it has any description attached to it.

when i select the properties of the ZSOFT driver in Computer Management\Services it says zeta.exe with no other dependences. so can i just delete it or stop it.

would this have been part of spyware as there was some on my computer which has now been deleated.


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A quick search in google produced these results,

you might want to check you add/remove programs utillity to see if a program exists that matches the results. the add remove utillity will safely remove all nessessary files from the program.

You must be very careful when deleting unknown files on your computer as some files are important to the operating system and you may experience minor error messages to serious boot problems and lock-outs if you delkete the wrong files.

always try to remove programs using the control panel/add remove programs utillity.

you can access the add/remove utillity through the control panel

choose the start menu and select run
type control and click ok
in the new window you will find your various options.

good luck


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As mentioned ,this does not appear to be an operating system file.

Just to add help for operating files that have been corrupted in XP....

Either use "Run"/"MsConfig"/"Expand" or "Start"/Search/File/Advance search using XP Cd as base, and files can be extracted from I386 etc, to Windows/System 32, even via CAB compressed folders.
I would try the attempts listed here mate, As they all seem to know. Next time, BE CAREFUL what you delete out of the system32 stuff. Next time you may not be so lucky!

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