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How Do I Do This¿


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you'll need reshacker
Click on your start button - then Run and type in "%systemroot% >system32>Restore" without the quotes & the (arrow) > need to be replaced by a backslash, the back slash doesnt show up in this PHP based websites.

Now you should see the file filelist.xml. What? You don't see it? We can fix that. In windows explorer click Tools--- Folder Options --- View and scroll down where it says Hide protected operating system files (recommend) and un-check it. Also click where it says Show hidden files and folders, and uncheck Hide extensions for unknown file types. Lastly, hit Ok. Now, you should see filelist.xml listed. Right click on filelist.xml and click properties. Uncheck where it says Read Only and then click OK. Good, now we can edit filelist.xml. Right click filelist.xml again, and click Open with then on Notepad. The file should now be opened in notepad. This is where Windows File Protection looks to see if it needs to protect a file or not. Where it says:

%windir% \ system.ini

add this a line above it:


Now, click file -> Save. (NOT Save as)

Next click on your start menu-> run and type in "%systemroot%>system32dllcache" without the quotes. In this DIR, find and delete Explorer.exe. This is a backup copy of Explorer.exe and windows might try and replace this copy with your hacked copy if it isn't deleted. After you delete it, windows will popup a message, just hit cancel then yes.

We should now be able to edit Explorer.exe as we wish. Run Resource Hacker (The file you downloaded earlier). In ResHacker click File-> Open and open Explorer.exe. Mine is located in C:windows\explorer.exe

To change the "Start" text on the start button go to: String Table -> 37 -> 1033. To the right, you should see the words "start". You can change this to anything you want. I changed mine to LinuXProX. Next, hit the Compile Script button above. Now, go to String Table -> 38 -> 1033. Again, to the right you should see "Start". Change this to the same thing you changed the other one to, mine says Zigzag. Next, hit the Compile Script button above. Now, if you just wanted to change the start button text, you can skip down to "Saving".

Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and Windows Task Manager should popup. Click on the processes tab and find Explorer.exe, and click it once. Now, hit the end process button at the bottom (Make sure you don't have any other programs open). Your taskbar at the bottom of the screen should disappear. Hold ALT then click tab while holding ALT, then let off the ALT. Keep doing this until Resource Hacker comes in to view. We can now save Explorer.exe because it is not running. Click File-> Save as-> and find Explorer.exe again, mine is located in C:windows. It will ask you if you want to overwrite, just click yes.



OSNN Gamer
it will if you slip stream it
if you do it as a separate install
you'll have to delete a second backup explorer.exe
you'll find this in
windows\service pack files\ i386
then it'll work

after i installed SP1, i did everything, deleted the two explorer.exe (one in SP1) and then saved as with reshacker. WTF?! is there a program that will do it for me? (last resort)


OSNN Gamer
did u untick read only in the properties of
& add the line
%sytemroot%\explorer.exe ?????


OSNN Gamer
I've never come across that before :(

did you remember to kill the explorer when you saved it ?

did you get a warning about an invalid file & click cancel then yes ??


OK.. it still works even under XP with SP1. By the way I downloaded the lastest version of Resourcehacker (3.4.0) here http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/

How i did:

First goto c:\windows and grab a copy of explorer.exe and paste it to Desktop or any working folder you like. Then i rename it to explore.exe. Now I run the resourcehacker prog. and open the explore.exe source. Goto String Table --> 37 --> 1033. Change the "start" to "Click!" (example) and then Compile script. Lastly you would save the explore.exe source. Finally I copied back the explore.exe into c:\windows. Boot the PC into safe mode with command prompt. Goto c:\windows folder, starting by renaming the original explorer.exe to "explorer(ori).exe" or what ever you like and renaming the explore.exe to "explorer.exe". Finally reboot the PC again and Walla.... :)

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