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how come cdrw cd cannot read on other cdrom??



OS :98
copy some work to cdrw cd! how come it cant read on othe cd rom? my friend cd rom wont read the data that I had copied, and also it read on my DVD rom???


Well first off I am assuming that the CD ROM it isnt working on is an older one. Older CD ROM's either dont read CDRW's at all or have a lot of trouble doing so.


how about DVD ROM? it doesnt work as well?? I just winxp and win2000 , only winxp wotk!!!

is there any possible way to fix it?


hmmm that is weird... the only thing I can think of is the CDRW is going bad for some reason. How old is it and how many times has it been used??


Don't forget that there are many different sub formats for a cd. If you are using nero or a similar package you will notice under the advanced tabs, many different options for the file system and format of burning a cd, including the naming of files and the way tracks and volumes are laid out on the cd. Many older cdroms and os's may not be able to read these formats.

Also it can depend on the disc (yes the actual make/surface dye) itself, and the speed at which it can be burnt at. www.cdmediaworld.com has some info on these things.

You may also see if you can update the firmware of your cd rom players/burners etc...
I agree with WAM here.

CD, CDRW, DVD’s are, in my experience, notorious for randomly not reading, writing or even recognising their respective media irrespective of the file format used.

This has been compounded by bugs in the operating systems used (XP was the worst offender here and still has not addressed the entire problem), dodgy media and a lack of standards, not in reading, but writing the data in the first place.

I’ve lost count of the CDRW drives I’ve binned after six months use only to be told by my son that the drive works fine in his system.

This needs to be sorted. But how?
Not sure Dave. I don't like CDRW media. I like the idea of being able to use a CDrom as a really large floppy disk; but I'v had problems with CDRW disks and buring so many times, that now I just get 500CDRs, and use those.

I think high speed CDRW media, best for use in fast drive, records better then the other ones.

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