How can I download FREE DVD copy software for copy-protected DVDs?


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I'm just looking to make back-up copies of some of my DVDs, but the software I have is crap. Be good to get better for free!! Also, is it possible to play a movie on your pc, pause it, and then copy that image to desktop background? Not had computer for long! Not sure of all the tricks!


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To back up your DVD's I'd suggest DVD Decrypter (google to find a download site - doom9 might have it). As for taking a screenshots I know VLC and probably PowerDVD/WinDVD can as well (VLC being free).


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If you have anything but VISTA Basic there is a utility built in. Search the threads here I forget which one it is in.

If you have XP then the programs Xie mentioned. Possibly even windows media player. Instructions.

Along with DVD Decrypter download DVD Shrink. It will let you compress the file to fit on a single sided DVD. Sometimes DVD Shrink will work without DVD Decrypter sometimes you need to rip the file with decrypter first.

Some of the DVDs will resist backup in spite of your best efforts. The manufacturers intentionally violate the DVD standard to prevent backup and will not replace damaged disks. Obviously they have no children at home using DVDs and CDs...


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DVD Decrypter authored by LIGHTNING UK! won't be much help these days. It falls flat on its face when dealing with newer structural protections. It may work with some discs but expect it to be unreliable. It was great in its day but with the death of the program and the evolution in protections it is pretty worthless. The author went on to release ImgBurn which is one of the best burning programs and it's free.

A free option is DVDFab HD Decrypter from DVDFab. It does work usually although I don't consider it that great and it isn't the best choice. It does have trouble with some discs.
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Not free but I use Nero or RealDVD although right now you can not get RealDVD as the MPAA is suing Real. Seems that RealDVD makes too good of a copy or something. :laugh:
Why anyone would pay for RealDVD is beyond me. The program takes a disc, creates a backup and adds an addition layer of DRM. In order to play the backup on another device you have to buy a license for each additional device you wish to play a backup on.

It appears from all I read to simply be a way to make a lot of money from users who don't know about programs like AnyDVD and the other decrypters and rippers out there.

The RealDVD situation is laughable. Real sued the studios before they had a chance to sue Real which they were obviously going to so we have counter-complaints.


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I downloaded DVD Fab HD Decryptor to try it out and have to say that it I like it. It is limited with the free version, but for main copying and protection removal of the whole dvd or main movie; it is all you need.

I used it to copy Hancock and it worked flaweless. No loss in quality or sound what so ever ...

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