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how activesync functions?


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hey guys, i'm trying to find detailed information on how activesync works. how does it go through the wireless sync process? what gets sync'ed first? troubleshooting and errors?

technical details, explanations, etc. is what i'm trying to find, but no good leads so far.

anyone have anything they can recommend?

mucho thanks!!


OSNN Senior Addict
Yeah, that was the first place I checked out. Unfortunately, they have very basic and surface-level information that is close to useless. Their entire FAQ is based on issues with ActiveSync and USB. :)

For example, I received the following email from an executive, and I can't really answer either of his 2 questions :)

Weird operation sometimes. When it syncs, it might say Getting items x of 3 as an example, It acts like it received something. But then I don’t see any messages at all. Does it sync stuff that I might not see, like calendar stuff and it declares the calendar “stuff” as a “message”?

Does it consider “deleting” trashed mail as SYNCing?"

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