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House Planner

Im looking for an application that i used a long time ago, so naturally i doubt i will find that exact app, but i need one that is similar.
It has to be able to draw and plan a house, from an architects point of view. i.e to be able to build a house from the foundations up to the slate on the roof. It has 3 views; schematic where you actually draw the walls choose door types, window types, wall types where powerpoints will be situated etc. (i think you pressed <tab> to cycle through the different levels), second view was a 3d render of each room and overall building and the third view was a 3d render that allowed you to walk through the house itself.
The layout of the app was similar to Visio, left hand side you had a choice of items (wooden door, wooden door glass panes, plastic door large window, french door etc) Center was your workspace where you laid everything out.
There was another part of the application that allowed you to set in furniture, widescreen tv's, hifi's, lights etc.

This is what i am looking for, something to build the dream house i am currently searching google for an answer but if you find something that sounds like the above then please post it incase i have missed it.
It must run on Athlon2500+ / 512MB DDR400 / Win XP SP2


Perris Calderon

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I'd like to see this program when you get it thekore...also, my friend has a company that prepares a house for kids...you know, rounding square edges, making all cabinets kid proof, stuff like that

you won't need that for a little bit, but don't neglect it either


Dabba Dooba
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my grandma use to have a program like what u r talkin about. I use to play with it when i was younger just to have fun. I wouldnt mind getting it either :).

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