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Hotfix for catalyst 3.9 ogl issue from Terry Makedon


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Catalyst Maker has provided us with a short term fix for the OpenGL not working on R3XX based AIW cards. Here are the instructions:

1) Navigate to where the ATI drivers got unpacked (Typically it is C:\ATI\SUPPORT\WXP-W2K-CATALYST-7.95…. etc)

2) Go to Driver/2KXP_INF folder

3) Open the CX_11774.inf file

4) In the ATI.Mfg section, edit the ALL-IN-WONDER entries to say RADEON ALL-IN-WONDER

5) Save file

6) Reinstall driver from c:\ATI\wxp-w2k-catalyst-795….. \setup.exe

ATI hope to issue a hotfix soon.
thanks to stu from r3d for info...

hope this works for you lads... am gonna try it out later tonite when I get back home...


F@H - Is it in you?
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ok did the changes and reinstalled the driver and it works PERFECT :D

/me very very happy...

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